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IFC Webstream

IFC Webstream is an e-Commerce Solution for Supply/Demand Chain Management. It harnesses the advantages of the Internet through the following features:

  • eProcurement :
    Which enables Supplier-related business functionality such as request for quotation, purchase order, purchase order amendment, goods-in-transit, purchase order status, stock status, delivery order, payment status, bar-coded carton label and supplier profile.
  • eSales :
    With Sales Management functionality such as product catalogue, shipping cart, sales order, sales order booking, order status, order history, delivery history, goods in transit status, invoice records and customer profile.
  • eInventory :
    With Inventory Management functionality providing stock counting, multiple stores with multiple locations, inventory requisitioning, issuing and receiving transactions, quantity and value adjustment, transaction and accountability transaction trail.
  • eLogistic :
    Which enables back-end logistics business system to extend their capabilities into the internet. The features include on-line delivery request, barcode system, packing list, in transit tracking (multiple points), delivery status, inventory tracking (via internet, eMail, SMS, PDA) and traffic management.
  • eAsset Management :
    Is a fully automated facilities and asset management system. The features including asset master, asset movement tracking, asset depreciation rate/value, asset service history/cost summary, preventive maintenance and servise order.
  • eReport :
    Generates any types of reports online from the back-end system (ERP or eCommerce). Reports can be output as PDF or Excel files format.

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