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IFC ISO Maintenance Program

IFC ISO Maintenance Program
Getting your ISO standards and quality standards certified is easy, but maintaining the certificate is a challenge. In IFC Consulting, we realize this being a real issue with small and medium organizations due to limited resources and skills. IFC Consultants can help by designing a cost effective Maintenance Program to suit your company’s individual needs.

Through our Maintenance Program, we can manage your ISO documents and monitor your Quality System integrity to ensure that procedures and processes are being followed and continual works for your organization. We manage your ISO documents with the support of our IFC ISO Document Management System (IFC ISO DMS) solution and provide QMS enhancement support by reporting our findings to you along with our recommendations. No unproductive work prior to surveillance audit, such as compile the documents, records, revise procedures, back date and sign the documents to ensure all documents are updated. With our program, you will be confident of the health of your quality system and continual improvement on your Quality System in the long run.

Our program is the most time and cost effective method, we have full time and experienced staff to maintain your system. It will enable your quality system to be operating properly and continual bring the benefit to your organization. This is yet another area where we can save you money!!!

Inforco Sdn Bhd is an Approved ISO Consultancy Company for Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) for providing the ISO related training and consultancy. We have been providing ISO Consultant / Consultancy / Training for JB / Johor market for more than 10 years. We are also a HRDF Registered / Approved Training Provider.

IFC ISO maintenance Program including:

ISO Document Maintenance Support via IFC eDocument Management Solution
An effective document management and control system is a basic requirement for any organization seeking certification with ISO. Documentation control and management is a must to get and maintain ISO certification.

Anyone involved in ISO certification and quality management, knows that one of the most difficult tasks is to build a mechanism in which procedure documents are managed and periodically reviewed. IFC Consultant will manage your Tier 1 and II documents through intranet/internet environment; you may view your documents at anytime and everywhere. This can only be done with robust/proven IFC ISO Document Management System (IFC ISO DMS).

ISO QMS Enhancement Support

  • Acting as the position of Management Representative and Document Controller
  • Develop new procedure and revise existing procedures/ documents, including distributing of new/revised documents via intranet environment
  • Development of internal auditing schedule
  • Internal Audits, Pre-surveillance Audit: We can conduct your organizations ISO9000 internal audits or provide “as needed?audit capacity when your organizations internal auditors are unable to maintain the company’s audit schedule.
  • Corrective Actions/Preventive Action: Support in analyzing nonconformance’s or potential nonconformance to determine the best corrective/preventive action for continual improvement.
  • On-site participation in registrar surveillance audits, internal auditing, management review, supplier audits, customer audits and other special meetings as required by management.
  • Systems records maintenance, including Corrective & Preventative Actions, Internal Audits, and Management Review.
  • Responsibility for all communications with registrar regarding audits and subsequent actions.
  • Training and Coaching: IFC will provide training and individual coaching as need

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